Why regular training is important

Call it what you want – but training, development, coaching, masterclass sessions etc… can have immeasurable, positive benefits for your team members.
Discover new talents and interests
Increase productivity and satisfaction

Attract and retain talented employees

Improve employee engagement and team working

Fight off stagnation and increase innovation

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Upcoming sessions

Thur, 16 Mar 2023

1100 – 1200

Allan Kelly

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The What, Why and How of OKRs

Thur, 23 Mar 2023

1100 – 1200

Carolyn Brand

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Do you need to master “soft skills” when working in Tech

In this session, Carolyn will share with you …

  • What are soft skills …
  • Discuss soft skills myths and truths …
  • Can soft skills be learned …
  • What can soft skills help me achieve …
  • How to craft YOUR Powerful Soft skills to succeed in Tech

Carolyn Brand is a Business Growth Consultant | Personal Brand Consultant | Authentic Leader | Published Author | Professional Negotiator.

She has 30 years of agnostic professional experience working in Global High-Tech corporations such as Rolls-Royce, as well a range of startups in various domains e.g. MedTech, GreenTech, Mobility, & Sustainability.
Carolyn is passionate about helping people grow authentically and confidently to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Using her professional knowledge, personal experience and master skills she has created a portfolio of workshops and seminars which are focused on supporting and guiding people craft, implement and achieve their desired roadmap in their profession.

Thur, 30 Mar 2023

1100 – 1200

Kevlin Henney

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Agility ≠ Speed

Velocity. Sprints. More points, more speed.

An obsession with speed often overtakes the core values of agile software development. It’s not just development of software; it’s development of working software. Sprints are not about sprinting; they’re about sustainable pace. Time to market is less important than time in market. Full-stack development is normally a statement about technology, but it also applies to individuals and interactions. The full stack touches both the code and the world outside the code, and with that view comes responsibility and pause for thought. Doing the wrong thing smarter is not smart. The point of a team is its group intelligence not its numbers. Is scaling up the challenge, or is scaling down the real challenge?

The distraction and misuse of speed, velocity, point-based systems, time, team size, scale, etc. is not the accelerant of agile development. Agility lies in experimentation, responsiveness and team intelligence.

Thur, 06 Apr 2023

1100 – 1200

Craig Buckler

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Introduction to Docker

Aimed at a technical audience who want to find out how Docker can help software projects.

  • What problems does Docker solve?
  • How Docker works
  • Docker benefits
  • Launching containerized applicationsTerminology and technology overview
  • Docker Compose
  • Further resources
  • Question & answer session

Thur, 13 Apr 2023

1100 – 1200

Mark McWhirter

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Intro to Kubernetes

Kubernetes (K8s) is a container orchestration platform. But what does that actually mean? Kubernetes is a way of running and effectively managing an application (a container) that runs across a series of servers. Kubernetes is responsible for the upkeep of these applications ensuring it’s available where and when you want it.

The session will include an intro, a bit of the behind the scenes including common terminology you’ll find in Kubernetes land, and a live demo of Kubernetes, where we’ll show you how to launch and run your first application on Kubernetes and access it from the web. As well as an opportunity to ask questions in a live Q&A session.

Who’s the course suited for? What do I need to know?

You should have a bit of an understanding around containers and or docker. What a container is and why it’s beneficial to run something in a container. Ideal if you’re in operations or software development.


Thur, 20 Apr 2023

1100 – 1200

Andy Taylor-White

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The Presentation CODE - how to build brilliant personal presentations

Presenting in public, either online or in person can be a stressful occasion. Whether you need to pitch for business, communicate your range of services or even introduce yourself at networking events, we all can suffer anxiety at the thought of being in the spotlight.

What is the CODE?

The Presentation CODE has been developed to help people be more comfortable, authentic and in the moment when presenting – both online and off. Using researched findings, experience and observation of your own personal style, this virtual one hour CODE session will help you build your confidence to be a better presenter.

The Presentation CODE helps private, public and third sector leaders and teams to overcome the anxiety, worry or fear of presenting or pitching in person or online, with a personalised four step system and solution to be more confident presenters.

Thur, 27 Apr 2023

1100 – 1200

Daniel Merriman

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Don’t start with SMART - achieve meaningful goals that actually matter

Why do we fail to achieve our goals?

There are probably a lot of reasons. It could be that they’re too general, or that we have no real way to measure our progress. Perhaps they’re too ambitious, or not relevant enough to our daily lives, or we don’t have a deadline to aim for. All these things could be true, and they often are.

But it might also be that, actually, we just weren’t invested in making them happen. We might want to achieve them, but how much does it truly matter to us?

In this session, we will explore why making our goals SMART takes second place to understanding why we struggle to stay motivated, how to work out what actually matters to us, and what types of goals give us the best chance of success.

By the end of the session, participants will be equipped to understand their own motivations, identify goals that fit their ambitions, and set out a realistic path for achieving them.

This session is suitable for engineers, designers, leaders, and anyone who ever gave up on a New Year’s Resolution after 2 weeks.

Thur, 04 May 2023

1100 – 1200

Phil Comelio

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When Will It Be Done? – Managing Deadlines, Estimates and Forecasts in Agile deliveries

In this session take a close look at the agile concepts of estimation, forecasting and planning:

  • Thinking about the Minimum Viable Product for both real and artificial deadlines
  • The differences between estimation, forecasting and planning
  • Why we use relative estimation and how to use it
  • How story mapping helps us to plan
  • How to apply probabilistic (Monte Carlo) forecasting

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Training Club work?

Training Club calls take place weekly or bi-weekly and are run virtually. Usually taking 60-90 mins and will consist of: Workshops, training and industry expert speakers. The Training Club calls run on regular times and days so you can build them into your schedule. Sessions will be published quarterly.

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Why choose Training Club?

We know that organising training and personal development for your team can be time consuming and complicated. Training Club is a regular programme of crowdsourced master-classes for our members where we deal with organising and administration – and you just sit back, listen and learn.

How do I know the training will be relevant to me or my business?

Kayley has a wealth of experience and connections with some of the best facilitators in Tech and we endeavor to match demand with supply. We ensure your teams get the opportunity to participate in high quality training from inspirational facilitators.

Why should I / We sign up to the club?

The more people that join the Training Club the more sessions we can deliver and better value we can make it for you.

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